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Divorce Recovery WOrkshops

Welcome to the Workshop, a couple of things before we get started!

  1. Please copy the URL and post it on your notes on your phone.​​

    1. This will make it so that you can access the workshop whenever you need it!​

  2. The first time doing the workshop please just listen, do not take any notes, at the end of the workshop go ahead and write down thoughts that stuck out to you.​

  3. Watch and take notes of the workshop 7-10 times. This will help you retain the information and make it second-hand nature!

  4. This is the most important. TAKE IMMEDIATE action. If you do not do the homework, you will not get the results that you want. Commit and go all in!

These workshops are beyond effective when we begin to apply them but I understand that sometimes it can be so hard to stay consistent with them without the right support and guidance! 

So if you are ever interested in investing in your future and working with Coach Frank and the 1% Conquerors Group Coaching Program to effectively apply these tools in your life then tap the button below for the pricing! 

FYI you won't need more than 90 days in these groups GUARANTEED!

Imagine a life where you are :

  • no longer crippled by anxiety.

  • No longer suffering from constant stress.

  • No longer attracting the wrong people into your life but instead attracting the most incredible people in your life!

  • Beyond close and connected with yourself and your family and friends!

  • You aren't scared of being hurt anymore!

  • You take more risks and therefore experience a more fulfilling life!

This and so much more are available for you IF you choose to commit and take on the 1% Conqueror lifestyle which is full of vulnerability, true strength and self-love and learning how to conquer your emotional health, mental health, and taking action to create the life that you always wanted before life started hurting you and making you abandon your dreams.

Meeting times.

Wednesday 1% WMN @ 11am cst

Wednesday 1% MEN @ 1pm cst

Saturday 1% Combined @ 11am cst.

This group will get you total freedom in 2-3 Months!

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