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Killing the desire for your ex!

Get Unlimited access to the One Percent

Killing the desire for your EX Workshop for a $25 investment!

This workshop is the exact proven process that Coach Frank uses with his clients. In this workshop, you will learn why you can't stop thinking about your ex and wishing you could have them back. We are going to go over the exact homework that you will need to decrease the attraction for your ex and your past relationship. This is going to help you create your own closure as well as:

  • Give you the ability to set firm boundaries.

  • Stand up for what you want in a relationship and life.

  • Create the mindset to go out and get what you want, not just what's given to you!

If you are ready to reduce your attraction for your ex, then get a notepad and a pen ready and tap the "I'm Ready" button down below for immediate access.

You will also receive a private link to schedule a 1:1 Coaching Session with a 25% off discount added to it. This is so you can schedule a Coaching session if ever needed at a lower price as an appreciation of your support! (Link and discount don't expire)

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